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Why Inbound Marketing Is Important to Your Organization

By Scott Anderson Miller

Massive change is occurring in the business ecosystem. This is true in the business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors. Inbound marketing doesn’t just address this change; it embraces it.

There is an unprecedented shift of power from the giant corporate conglomerate brands to individual consumers. Never in history has the individual consumer wielded so much power, currency, and influence. You and your brand have lost control. And that’s okay . . .

Today, the individual consumer decides:

  • What information to consume

  • Where to consume information online

  • When to consume information online

  • When to engage with your company

  • Whether to perform an online conversion like downloading, purchasing, donating, or signing up for a service or newsletter

  • When to buy

  • Whether or not to leave a positive/negative review of your business or product

Each consumer’s online action affects your business. The aggregate consumer behavior may have profound effects on whether or not you’re able to attract visitors and convert those visitors into leads or customers. Individual actions affect your overall ability to succeed in business.

Inbound marketing is at the heart of this change in power from brand to individual. Inbound marketing embraces this change by communicating to an individual’s specific needs. When your website greets visitors and customers on their terms, on their timeline, at their pace of content and product consumption, you’re practicing inbound marketing. Interrupting this flow disconnects you and your brand from your website users. That means you’re disconnecting yourself from potential business.

The shift in power from brand to consumer is good news for the savvy, adaptable marketer. It’s bad news for traditionalists who keep shouting louder at smaller audiences, barking up the wrong trees.