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The Benefits of a Strategic Inbound Plan

By Scott Anderson Miller

An effective inbound marketing strategy creates conversations between your prospect and your company. Creating this two-way communication is no longer a luxury; it’s mandatory to stay atop your industry today and to remain competitive tomorrow. Why? It’s what customers want. It’s what today’s customer demands.

Because of the nature of the Internet, your chances of success in today’s competitive, data-driven online economic model are driven by attracting visitors to your site from search engine marketing (SEM), social media sites, and referrals, and converting through great content. Removing (or failing to add) just one of these components from your strategic marketing plan substantially decreases the chances that your company’s marketing efforts will succeed over the next few years.

At the very least, your marketing efforts won’t be maximized. Your organization’s lack of investing in business and content strategy compounds the chance of failure. Regardless, your company will never reach its full sales and earning potential without a sound strategic inbound marketing plan in place — unless you’re just plain lucky. And, Lady Luck tends to perform inconsistently.

If you’re not playing the marketing game with a formal written inbound marketing strategy on your side, you’re not even in the game at this point. So don’t just get in the game, own it. Go ahead and reallocate some of your budgeted funds from traditional marketing into digital marketing. But before you jump headlong into implementing inbound marketing tactics, invest in an inbound marketing strategy.