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Strategic Inbound Plan: Formulating Your Opportunity Analysis

By Scott Anderson Miller

When you attract website traffic, you want to keep it coming. Now it’s time to attract more visitors and discover and break down barriers to entry and sales. Your visitor, lead, and customer habits provide numbers that expose gaps in performance.

The best ways to fix and fine-tune your content, CTA Maps, site design, and paid search and landing pages are dictated by the gaps that are preventing you from achieving your goals and objectives.

Developing an inbound marketing strategy can be daunting, but you don’t have to go at it alone. There are inbound marketing companies and consultants who can help your company migrate to attraction marketing from traditional interruption marketing methods such as TV and radio ads.

Outbound marketing certainly has a place in any business, especially for creating consumer awareness. Inbound often circumvents the need to start with customer awareness. Prospective customers may search for products and land on your site before they’re even aware your company exists.

Although it’s certainly possible that they’ll check you out to affirm you are a legitimate company, the online search and purchase process isn’t necessarily linear. By creating engaging online content, designing and implementing an inbound marketing strategy in tandem with your outbound efforts creates efficiency in your marketing budget.

If you’re still committed to traditional media, take a portion of your budget (30-80 percent) and reallocate it to inbound marketing. This reallocation results in better ROI when measured dollar-for-dollar invested. Your marketing message will reach Internet shoppers who have never heard your traditional marketing message, attracting new customers.