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Strategic Inbound Plan: Creating Content Strategy

By Scott Anderson Miller

Content strategy is your plan for the sum of your online content marketing efforts. Because content fuels the inbound marketing machine, a content strategy is imperative. Two major components are:

  • Connective content: This is written and visual content that is created and delivered in a manner that is relevant, timely, and contextual to your buyer persona needs at any given place in the purchase path.

  • Call-to-Action Maps: This is a conversion-based map designed to create a frictionless Buyer’s Journey from initial consumer contact through first customer contract (purchase).

Content strategy delivers relevant answers to prospects’ questions. CTA Maps make it easy for visitors to convert.

Your content strategy should include an inventory of your current content to identify connective gaps and opportunities. You can create a thorough content strategy by:

  • Taking inventory of all your content

  • Classifying your content by form (written, video, infographic, and so on)

  • Assigning your content to key points along the consumer purchase path (Educational content during the research phase, Engagement content during the shopping phase, Encouragement content during the purchase phase, and Embracing content for current customer reengagement)

  • Assigning your content to a product pyramid/purchase path so that you’re connecting people with your products, creating relevancy, and increasing content engagement

  • Prioritizing content needs by inbound campaign importance

  • Looking for gaps at key conversion points, especially for the most important inbound campaigns