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Performing an Inbound Marketing Assessment

By Scott Anderson Miller

An inbound marketing assessment (IMA) may measure your technical website problems and your digital marketing efforts. It may also evaluate your ability to connect your marketing with sales. A comprehensive IMA includes an executive summary that outlines gaps in your marketing efficiencies, opportunities for online marketing initiatives and roadblocks to successful implementation.

Reporting forms vary, but when performed to best practices, your IMA serves as the basis for your strategic marketing plan document. An IMA identifies past marketing tactics that didn’t directly correlate to any marketing success. It also uncovers digital marketing initiative omissions that may have hurt your past performance.

Performing an IMA is the map for your marketing plan. When you don’t perform an IMA, it’s like taking a trip without knowing your final destination. Without it, you’ll move in random directions, and you’ll never know if you arrived.

So, before you get too excited about jumping into the tactics of inbound marketing, perform an IMA. Marketers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online marketing options, each with its own trendy approaches and buzzwords, that it’s hard to choose which initiatives to implement first. You may be in the same predicament.

When you perform an inbound marketing assessment as your first strategic step, you can share initiatives internally, provide a rationale for your recommendations, and maintain focus on your desired end result. This assessment report can be created internally or outsourced. Regardless of the source, an inbound assessment provides a set of baseline metrics from which you can choose future digital marketing efforts.

Measuring your current status provides baseline attraction and conversion factors so you can adjust your digital marketing initiatives faster and gauge your future success. You can also refer to the IMA later to determine whether future ideas make sense to pursue, basing your decisions on facts that support your end objectives, rather than simply following the trendiest initiatives at the time.