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Implementing Your Strategic Inbound Plan

By Scott Anderson Miller

If you’re reverse-engineering your marketing initiatives from the objectives you’re attempting to achieve, the execution will be more clearly organized. By documenting your inbound strategy, you’re able to answer why you’re implementing certain inbound marketing efforts providing your team with context and meaning. Now you can drill down to the how — as in how you’re going to achieve your objectives.

Now it’s time to break down your inbound strategy into manageable pieces. First, outline your timeline. You can begin with a 12-month plan and break it down into 3-month marketing sprints by using our Shared Strategic Blueprints. By segmenting your timeline into shorter periods, you’ll have the flexibility to make adjustments as you collect and analyze your measurement data.

After you’ve set forth your timeline, it’s time to delegate. You’ll need to make an honest assessment as to what your organization has to offer in terms of time, talent, and budget. You may need to outsource to experts in order to avoid steep learning curves while shortening your time to achieve objectives.

Many of your milestones are outlined in your strategy. Now you’ll break those down into multiple metrics. By measuring, sharing, and reporting analytics on a regular and ongoing basis, you keep focused on your objectives and can make real-time adjustments if necessary.