Building Your Strategic Inbound Plan: Mapping Future Success Today - dummies

Building Your Strategic Inbound Plan: Mapping Future Success Today

By Scott Anderson Miller

Your inbound marketing strategy is simply a map connecting your current status with your future objectives. You create your inbound map based on the Customer Conversion Chain that links the purchaser with your product. So begin with the end in mind.

Map your plan as follows:

  1. Understand your company’s stated goals and objectives.

  2. Assess the competitive landscape looking at competitors’ websites, their content, and the keywords they’re using to attract and convert customers.

  3. Identify your target purchasing profiles and associate an average unit sale and average dollar sale with each profile.

  4. Use historical data to determine for each profile the average length from first contact to first contract and the percentage of repeat purchases.

  5. Examine your visitor and conversion data and apply those metrics to the Customer Conversion Chain model.

  6. Outline your attraction and conversion plan, taking into consideration the different inputs that will affect your metrics.

  7. Form a business outcome hypothesis, based on your anticipated conversion rate and, defined in dollars and cents. Then choose the most efficient method to market based on whether increased attraction or increased conversions have a greater positive impact on your ROI.

  8. Build your creative assets.

  9. Implement your inbound campaign.

  10. Measure your campaign against success metrics and adjust accordingly.