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How to Successfully Market Your Product on a Low Budget

An effective, focused marketing strategy can be pursued on a cheap budget and can generate a large increase in sales for your business. Creating a clear, strong brand message and communicating with consumers creatively can transform your marketing campaigns and increase your business’s profit margin.

Low-cost marketing ideas that can help your business

  • Publicity: Spreading the word about your business throughout a town or region can be made easier with free publicity. If you can think of an interesting story about your product, people or events, you should contact your local media and try to generate some editorial coverage. Let people know about a recent accomplishment or you could even offer your expert advice for consumers or businesses.

  • Fliers: This tried and tested tool is a great way to get the word out about your business with almost no cost. Make your fliers as appealing as possible by selecting easy-to-read fonts, a simple design, and focusing on communicating your key message. Don’t overload the reader with too much information

  • Information booklets: People like to feel like you’re helping them with a problem. This is much more relevant to them than a simple sales pitch. So think of the ways in which your business can add value to the customer; then design promotional material accordingly. You can build trust with potential customers who come to you as an expert.

Use electronic media to showcase your talents

Social networking sites can be great places to get cheap pay-per-click advertising. Remember to target the community that best reflects your organisation’s aims and needs. Choose the cheapest entry-level ad and test whether you get any clicks from a few different experimental options.

If you have a website or blog, think about how you can improve the experience for the customer. They shouldn’t be simply sales catalogues, but should add value in some way. Think about sharing special knowledge with prospective customers. Blogs are a great way to keep content fresh and allow you to build a dialogue with consumers.

Develop a stronger, focused marketing message

Most marketing communications don’t deliver a high-impact message. Make every opportunity count by:

  • Picking your strongest fact or argument and emphasising it consistently.

  • Reworking your writing so that it conveys your message simply and clearly.

  • Supporting your key claims with persuasive facts and evidence.

  • Make your points creatively so that people aren’t bored by your approach.

Creative, innovative marketing doesn’t have to break the bank: ideas are free. You should know your business better than anyone else, and so should be in the best position to think of effective ways in which to communicate with customers. Consider a striking visual image to make a point, or think about the ideal spokesperson for your business.

You should know what your most effective marketing strategy: at least a quarter of your efforts and spending should be directed towards this channel. Otherwise, it’s likely that your campaign will be too unfocused and scattered to be effective. If you lack focus, narrow your programme and concentrate more effort and resources on one lead marketing method.