How to Measure Social Influence Marketing - dummies

How to Measure Social Influence Marketing

Find out if your social influence marketing (SIM) campaign is a success. Part of social influence marketing calls for establishing related metrics and measuring your results to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with the SIM score (your brand’s health compared to all of your direct competitors in the social Web) as a single, strategic, brand health measurement.

  • Match your program to the platform and to the metrics available. Different social platforms allow you to measure metrics in different ways.

  • Tie all your SIM metrics to a broader digital strategy and business metrics.

  • Always prioritize metrics regarding sociographics and social action-related metrics over traffic demographics.

  • Don’t ignore SIM metrics from your corporate Web site. Your Web site is also a platform for social influence and should be measured and tracked in a similar fashion.

  • Use the APIs (application programming interfaces) from the social media platforms to develop your own integrated metrics dashboard.