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How to Create Content for Your Business’s Radio Ad

By Gary Dahl

When creating a radio advertisement for your business, include only the relevant information in your content. A 60-second radio ad doesn’t give you time to summarize an encyclopedia’s worth of information, but you can tell the world quite a lot about yourself in that length of time. Make sure your radio ad answers these questions:

  • Who are you? Mention the name of your business within the first line or two. Listeners are never able to recite your ad word for word. So telling them who you are immediately is very important.

  • What are you selling? Which of your products or services are you featuring in this spot? Don’t try to sell your entire business in one 60-second spot. Narrow your message to simple, hard-hitting, important facts that listeners can remember and act on.

  • When do you want consumers to act? You can’t expect your listeners to act if they don’t know when to do it. When does your special sale price take effect? When does this offer go away? When is your store open?

    If you can insert an element of urgency into your commercial, you give listeners just that much more to think about and a good reason to act.

  • How can customers get in touch with you? You definitely want to tell your listeners where you are and how they can find you. Include your phone number or Web address so that customers can contact you.

  • Why should customers hire or buy from you? Sell your expertise; a great price and terms; a friendly, family-like atmosphere; a closeout price that’s irresistible; or any number of other points.

    The why part of your ad is very likely the reason you’re advertising in the first place. It’s your hook, your reason for being, your unique product difference.