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How to Create Buzz about Your Business

Buzz marketing is essentially word-of-mouth advertising that aims to advertise through people telling other people who tell other people about your business. Buzz marketing is a fairly new term with a long history. For decades, marketers have worked to get their brands in use and talked about by those whose opinions influence others.

When movie stars stand on the red carpet at the Oscars announcing that they’re “wearing Armani,” that’s buzz marketing. But on a more practical scale, when an online chat room participant touts a new product, that’s buzz marketing, too.

Buzz marketing falls under the category of viral marketing because, like a virus, it spreads with a frenzy as soon as it’s started, and that’s the whole attraction.

To generate buzz marketing, start with product news that people actually want to hear about and talk about. Use any of these communication channels:

  • Chat rooms: Gain visibility in chat rooms and forums where those who fit your customer profile gather and where people discuss products like the one you’re offering.

  • Blogs: Encourage avid customers to start a brand blog that’s full of information, opinions, and ideas about your brand. As an alternative, provide information to existing blogs that match your brand’s image.

  • Blast e-mails: Spread brand news and inspire buzz among your established clientele.

  • Word of mouth: Get your product in use by passionate consumers who can’t say enough about it. Cultivate the kind of fanatics Winston Churchill was talking about when he said “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”