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How to Choose Among Your Outdoor Advertising Options

By Gary Dahl

Outdoor advertising takes on many forms, so your business can choose the option that works best for you. Off-premise outdoor advertising (which encompasses all your advertising that is physically affixed to an object outside company’s building) options for sale include the following, but you can find plenty of others:

  • Permanent paints: Permanent paints are huge structures on which the message is painted on the face or printed on vinyl, which is then attached to the face of the structure. As you can imagine, these ads are big and expensive.

  • Rotary bulletins: These ads are the largest of the standard billboard structures, measuring 14 x 48 feet. The advertising copy for rotary bulletins is printed on vinyl or painted on panels, which are rotated or moved between many locations during the term of the contract. They offer the largest impact in the marketplace and are not only big, but costly.

  • Posters: The industry standard, also called 30 sheets, posters are the signs you see everywhere. Copy is printed on posting paper and pasted to the face of the sign. Posters can measure 12 x 24 feet. Several posters may be purchased and displayed throughout the market to achieve what is known as a showing (the number of boards you have purchased and the length of time your advertising appears on them). Depending on the size of your showing, posters can be quite affordable.

    This poster could be displayed either indoors or out.
    This poster could be displayed either indoors or out.
  • Junior posters: These posters are approximately 6 x 12 feet. They’re the same as posters, just half the size (hence the name junior). Unfortunately, they’re not half the cost.

  • Bus shelter ads: Bus shelter ads are 48-x-68-inch posters in backlit frames that are integrated into bus shelters. They provide 24-hour exposure in heavy-traffic areas.

  • Bus-side advertising: This form of advertising is available in four sizes:

    • Super Kings: Available only in select markets, you can usually see these ads located on the traffic-facing or left-hand sides of buses and extending from wheel well to wheel well.

    • Kings: You can affix these ads to the traffic side of buses, but they’re somewhat shorter in length than the Super Kings.

    • Queens: Check out these ads on the curb sides or right-hand sides of the vehicles.

    • Tails: Like the name implies, the Tails (short for taillights) bring up the rear and are quite good for reaching a captive audience (such as you when you’re just sitting there inhaling the diesel fumes).

  • Aerial banners: Aerial banners are in-your-face outdoor advertising at its apex. Aerials are flown over sporting events, other special events of every description, and even at beaches — areas where other forms of advertising are nonexistent.

The number of different outdoor advertising methods you can choose from is almost infinite. Outdoor advertising takes on so many forms that it can, at times, become overly intrusive. If you call a local outdoor advertising company, you can get a full list of what’s available to you.