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How to Find Content in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

By Chester Bullock, Mark Pollard

The longer you work in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the more content you accumulate. It might not take long at all before you need help to find a particular piece of content. Fortunately, Content Builder contains several tools you can use to find what you’re looking for. These tools are on the Content tab, the Filter tab, and the search bar.

The Content Builder dashboard has a navigation pane on the left. The default view is the Content tab. In that tab, you choose which pieces of content to show in the canvas on the right. You can choose from these options:

  • All Content: Every piece of content to which you have access.
  • Shared with Us: Only pieces of content that other business units shared with you.
  • Folders: Your folder structure, which you can use to navigate to your desired piece of content. Click a folder to see the content in the canvas.


Next to the Content tab in the navigation pane is a tab called Filters. Click this tab to set criteria for the filter. The content objects that appear in the canvas on the right are those that match the criteria you set up in the filter. For example, the filter causes the system to display all templates and template-based emails in Content Builder.

Content Builder filter
This filter surfaces all your email templates and the emails you created using those templates.

You can filter with the following categories:

  • Content Types: The following content types are available as filters. If an arrow appears next to the name of a content type, click it to expand the category.
    • Source File: Choose what kind of file was the source for the content items that you want to find. Examples include Image and Text.
    • Content Block: Choose the kind of content block you’re looking for. Examples include Free Form and Dynamic Content.
    • Template: Select the template that is the basis of the email you’re looking for. Note that this filter returns not templates but emails based on the template you choose.
    • Email: Narrow the list to emails that are template based, HTML based, or text only.
    • Code Snippet: Limit your content items to only code snippets.
  • Tags: Select the check box next to a tag to limit the content items you see to only those with that tag.
  • Owners: Select the check boxes next to one or more usernames to see only items with those users listed as the owner.

Search bar

A search bar appears in the toolbar above the canvas. To search for a term, enter it in the field and click the magnifying glass icon.

Unfortunately, the search tool looks for your term in only the file names of the content items. If you generally like to use search to find assets, make sure to choose meaningful file names with rich keywords so that the search will work for you down the road.