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Examining the Purposes of Different Types of Online Business Ads

By Gary Dahl

You need to set goals to sustain the advertising basics in your business’s online advertisements. Your online business-ad goals should focus on customer service, communication, and commitment. The first step is to determine your own online advertising direction. Speaking generally, you can choose from three strategies in an online effort:

  • Ads that build awareness: Branding means getting people to recognize your name (in a positive way, of course). The drawback to advertising for branding purposes is that the success of a campaign is difficult (if not impossible) to measure. Branding — whether online or offline — takes time. If you don’t make an effort to impress your name on visitors, you lose valuable weeks and months.

  • Ads that encourage click-through: Click-through simply means that when a user sees your ad, he or she clicks on it and is taken directly to your Web site. The purpose of a click-through campaign is to build traffic to your Web site.

    Selling your product is one obvious goal of click-through campaigns; before a customer buys, he or she has to get over to your site. Click-through campaigns are also effective if your plan is to build a database of individuals to whom you plan to sell your product in the future. More generally, though, click-through campaigns should build awareness of your company and your Web site.

  • Ads that encourage sales: The point of a sell-through campaign (or one that encourages sales) is to drive a sale immediately. To induce a purchase in a sell-through campaign, you have to offer an extraordinary bargain, which is known as a loss leader. Sell-through campaigns are appropriate when you want to generate revenue in a hurry.

    You may think sell-through ads are the only ones worth having, but they really are a short-term strategy because they require you to always offer amazing sales. Think twice before you settle on this as your one-and-only ad campaign.