Ensuring Your Marketing E-Mail Is CAN-SPAM Compliant - dummies

Ensuring Your Marketing E-Mail Is CAN-SPAM Compliant

By John Arnold

Part of E-Mail Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re e-mail marketing, you must get familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and the 2008 revisions to the Act apply to all commercial e-mails (e-mails that have advertising, promotions, or information from a business website). Here are some things you can do so your business-related e-mails are legally compliant:

  • Send your e-mail to permission-based lists only.

  • Provide a way for your list subscribers to opt out permanently.

  • Keep your opt-out process simple and don’t charge money or ask for additional information to opt out.

  • Don’t pay people or give them incentives to forward your e-mails.

  • Make sure your e-mail includes your physical address (a PO Box is okay)

  • Don’t mislead your audience with your From line or e-mail address.

  • Make sure your e-mail Subject line is honest about your content.

  • Make sure your e-mail clearly states that the e-mail is a solicitation unless you have affirmative consent.

  • Learn the law before sending any commercial e-mail; use an attorney.