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Digital Marketing: How to Make a Custom Demographic Report in Google Analytics

By Ryan Deiss, Russ Henneberry

Although the data that a report for demographic data shows is typically fairly cut and dried,  it yields very interesting insights for digital marketing. You can quickly look at a demographics report on the Audience tab in Google Analytics; however, this report’s key metric focuses on sessions (visits). To go beyond sessions and hone in on your users, you need to create a custom report.

To make a custom report for demographics, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Customization section in Google Analytics and select the + New Custom Report button.The Create Custom Report page opens. Create as many separate reports as you want to examine for demographics.
  2. In the Report Content section of the Create Custom Report page, create Report Tabs.Name the tab based on the demographic you are drilling down on. For example, if you are measuring age, name the Age. If you plan to measure multiple demographics in this report, as suggested, you can create a new Report Tab by clicking the + Add Report Tab button under the Report Content section. Name each tab for the demographic you are measuring.
  3. On the same page, set the Metric Groups dimension to Users by clicking the + Add Metric button and then selecting Users from the drop-down menu for every Report Tab you create.The word Users will now be displayed in the Metric Groups dimension. Users is the constant among all your tabs.
  4. On the same page, in the Dimension Drilldowns dimension, set the demographic for each Report Tab you create by clicking the +Add Dimension button.For Age, the Dimension Drilldown is Age; for Gender, it’s Gender, and for Device, it’s the Device Category. Your respective demographic now appears in the Dimension Drilldown dimension. Location is the only oddball; for the other demographics, you keep Type (located above the Metric Groups dimension) at the preselected Explorer Tab. For location, however, you set your Type to the Map Overlay tab, which will display the location data on a geographical map, and it replaces the need for a Dimension Drilldown.
  5. Click the Save button when you’re done.The report you created loads, and you now have a ready-made demographics report to use repeatedly.
Creating a custom report for age.

The following sections tell you what to look for in the demographics report so that you can gain insight into your campaign.


First, examine the age of the people who are responding to your campaign. Who’s opting in? Are there any surprises? For instance, are the age ranges that are opting in fitting the customer avatar you created? If not, you probably need to reevaluate the ad copy for your campaign through the lens of that age range. This report allows you to create a more customized campaign, which can lead to an increase in opt-ins and a drop in cost per click (CPC).


Next, what is the gender of the users who opted in to your campaign? If opt-ins are more heavily weighted toward a particular gender, you’ll likely see a benefit if you create a second version of the campaign that solely targets one gender, which leads to a boost in clicks and ad relevance while also dropping CPC.


Location can be a powerful data set, especially if you’re looking to break into a new geographic market or scale in other areas. For instance, you may find from a Location report that your campaign is doing particularly well in a certain city, state, or country that you hadn’t previously considered. You can then make an informed decision about allocating more of your ad budget to target this location that you didn’t previously consider, allowing you to take advantage of regional interests.


With a Device report, you can see what device people opted in to your campaign with. Was it their mobile device, their tablet, or their desktop? Knowing the device people are using to opt in to your campaign helps you know how to design it. For instance, if your gated offer is doing particularly well with mobile users, then it is critical for this particular campaign to design your conversion funnel with mobile users in mind if you want to turn gated offer downloaders into purchasers.