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Digital Marketing: 8 Ways to Get Promotional with Your Blog Posts

By Ryan Deiss, Russ Henneberry

Ultimately, digital marketing is about promotion. Some organizations use their blogs in a promotional way; that is, the blog clearly sells the company and its products or services. Although this type of blog might come across as pushy in some industries, promotional content can work very well for the right company. Here are eight instances of promotional blog content.

Comparison post

As the name suggests, the comparison post is an article that compares the features and benefits of your product to a competitor’s solutions. For best results and to build trust, include cases for which your product is not the best solution.

Project showcase post

Similar to the behind-the-scenes post, the project showcase post explains how the company completed a project. Use your blog to outline a specific project that you or your organization is working on or has completed. Detail the process and strategy behind the project, and if possible, share the results.

Income report post

In the income report post, open the books and show your audience a breakdown of the money you and your organization are making. Show people exactly how much you’ve earned, where it came from, and (most important) the lessons you’ve been learning in and around your business. This sort of transparency builds trust with your audience.

Company update post

You can use your blog to let your customers and prospects know of new employee hires, acquisitions, major contracts under way, or other changes at your company. As with the income report post, this is a great way to build trust with your readers.

Product update post

Similar to the company update post, for a product update post, you create content around new products or services that you’re offering or the updates coming to existing products or services. If you have rabid fans of your products and services, you might be surprised by how well an announcement post of a new product or a new feature will do on your blog.

Presentation post

You can publish presentations given by employees that contain interesting and valuable content for your audience. Within the post, consider embedding the video from the presentation to accompany the text. Be sure to include the slide deck from the presentation so that readers can follow along.

Best-of post

Unlike the previous best-of post, here you create a blog article that pulls together and links to the most popular blog posts you have published over a period of time. Select content that has really resonated with your audience, driven lots of traffic to your site, or sparked good comments.

Products tip post

Create content that helps your customers be more successful with your product or service by offering tips and how-tos about one of your products or services. This post type is both promotional and useful as well as very powerful for the right blog and audience.

Prospects read product tip posts, too, which can help to convert them.