Developing Effective Small Business Marketing Communications - dummies

Developing Effective Small Business Marketing Communications

By Paul Lancaster

Part of Small Business Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Whether delivered in person, through promotions or via traditional media, direct mail or e-mail, all small business marketing communications need to accomplish the same tasks:

  • Grab attention.

  • Impart information that the prospect wants to know.

  • Present offers that are sensitive to how and when the prospect wants to take action.

  • Affirm why the prospect would want to take action.

  • Offer a reason to take action.

  • Launch a relationship, which increasingly means fostering interaction and two-way communication between you and your customer.

Good communications convince prospects and nudge them into action without any apparent effort. They match the copy to the visuals and the message with the messenger so the consumer receives a single, inspiring idea.