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Dell Leverages Social Buzz for New Product Launch

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

You can use social media to turn a negative situation into a positive. In this situation, Dell was burned by social media, but the company managed to turn the situation around. By “listening” to the conversations about their brand on social media, Dell had a huge focus group.

Brian Lam, a blogger from Gizmodo, ran across Michael Dell carrying a new laptop he had never seen before. It turned out to be the Inspiron 910, the Mini 9, which was scheduled for release in four months. Lam wrote a blog post highlighting the expected product specifications.

Using Radian6 as their social media monitoring platform, Dell studied what people were saying and gained insight on what customers were most excited about seeing in the new product.

Dell was careful to let the conversation happen as organically as possible; however, they ever so often added tidbits of information and corrections to misinformation. Dell was able to comprehend what customers were expecting as far as features and prices for the new computer and subsequently launched messaging around what they learned.

When it came to the actual launch, Dell felt informed and prepared for the launch, and they were excited to build upon the buzz that social media had already generated. During this four-month period, Dell found that, many times, mentions of other Dell products lead to mentions of the Mini 9 as well. They were able to effectively monitor and market the product based on customer wants and expectations.