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How to Use Data to Tailor Your Marketing Message

By David Semmelroth

You spent a great deal of time and effort understanding and selecting your target audience using data driven marketing. You can use that insight in crafting a message that resonates with your customer. The simplest way to do this is to use your selection criteria in your message.

If you’re targeting families with young children, for example, mention children in your message or include them in your imagery. If you’re targeting customers in a particular geographic region, use that fact in your message. Tell people from the panhandle that you “Don’t mess with Texas.”

It’s not necessary to talk to everyone the same way. You can have several different versions of your message. Your target audience may have several traits in common, but they don’t have everything in common. Look beyond just your selection criteria for information about your customers that might help you get through to them.

If you’re marketing baby supplies like bottles and pacifiers, you may find that your primary target audience is women in their 20s and 30s. But you may also find that it’s useful to distinguish between women who are buying these supplies for their own children and women who are buying them as baby shower gifts for their friends and colleagues.

The latter group may be much more willing to buy higher-end, more expensive products, for example. By taking into account marital status and presence of children, you can fashion offers and messages that resonate differently with the two groups.

Taking versions to the extreme, it’s also possible to craft messages that are completely customized down to the level of the individual you’re speaking to. Include specific details about the last product they bought. Mention the date of their last stay at one of your hotels. Digital printing and the world of e-mail make this sort of customization increasingly easy and affordable.

The marketing channel you use is also important. When selecting a marketing channel, looking at your campaign history is important. Simply put, check to see who has responded to direct mail or e-mail in the past. You can even encourage your customers to tell you how to contact them.