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How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Contact Your Customers by Mail

By David Semmelroth

The whole point behind data driven marketing is to enable you to contact your customers, but there are a variety of ways of doing this. Traditional mail using the USPS is always an option. There are certainly times when you want to communicate with your customers by mailing them a letter or postcard or an even more elaborate package.

There are some drawbacks to communicating via “snail mail.” For one thing, it can be expensive. Creative development, envelopes, paper, printing, and postage all cost money. You have many decisions to make in managing these costs. Do you pay for first class postage? Do you mail a postcard or a letter? Do you use letter stock or glossy paper to improve photo quality? How much do you personalize the communication?

Unfortunately, with respect to traditional mail, the old adage that you get what you pay for is usually true. Letters tend to be more effective than postcards. Envelopes with first class stamps tend to be opened more often than bulk mail. Personalized communications with high production quality tend to better engage your customers. But these more effective options add cost to your marketing programs.

When it comes to communicating with your customers through the post, your fundamental trade-off is between the quality of the mail piece you’re sending and the number of pieces you send. Higher mailing and production costs generally mean higher response rates, but they also mean fewer customers can be contacted.

Another potential drawback of traditional mail is timing. It takes time to physically print a mail piece, stuff it in an envelope, and get it delivered by the USPS. Also, the actual delivery of the mail will be spread out over several days, depending on the remoteness of the recipient. Many of your marketing messages are quite time sensitive and simply can’t be effectively delivered by mail.