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How to Use Data Driven Marketing in Bounce-Back Offers

By David Semmelroth

A common approach to data driven marketing upselling is to re-contact your customer soon after a purchase is made. An offer related to a recent purchase is often called a bounce-back offer. You’re trying to get the customer to “bounce back” to do more business with you.

This is particularly easy to do when their purchase is made online because online purchases generally require an e-mail address. Also, the communication you send is related to an established relationship — namely, their recent purchase. This releases you from some of the burdens of the opt-out compliance.

Any venue that sells tickets can benefit from a simple bounce-back tactic. Sports teams, museums, theme parks, and zoos all offer one-day tickets as well as season tickets or passes. Clearly, selling a season pass is the ideal sale. It generates revenue from the pass, and the more times customers come back, the more they spend on food, drinks, and souvenirs.

Once the customer has bought the ticket, wait for them to use it. Then, once they’ve used it, immediately send them an e-mail offering them a deal on an annual pass. You might even allow them to apply the price of the ticket to the annual pass price, for example.

You want to instill a sense of urgency with this offer. Give the customer a fairly short window of time to take advantage of the offer. You’re banking on the fact that they enjoyed their recent experience. Having that experience fresh in their mind will be what gets them to upgrade.