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How to Craft Your Data Driven Marketing Offer

By David Semmelroth

Your database probably has little to say about this component of your data driven marketing campaign. Often what you are promoting and the discount, if any, are already defined by the time you are asked to execute a campaign. There a couple ways in which your database can help.

For one thing, you’re in a position to understand price sensitivity. Some customers always wait for discounts or sales. Others tend to buy either on impulse or when they need something. Your database can help in deciding when and if a discounted offer is really necessary.

Your database can also help in defining the appropriate call to action. Knowing that a customer typically buys online, for example, means you should probably be directing them to your website.

It’s always tempting for businesses to try to drive customers to purchase points that are less costly. Banks would rather you use their online services than walk into a branch, for example. But changing established customer behaviors is extremely difficult to do and impossible to do quickly.

In the world of database marketing, it’s generally a good idea to go with the flow and send your customers where they are already comfortable. At least give them that option.