Create Your Venue on Yelp - dummies

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

If you are venturing into location-based marketing, but your business doesn’t have a page set up yet on your location-based service (LBS) of choice, you can set it up yourself. This process varies from service to service and must be done on each service individually. After your venue is set up, you must then claim it to be able to manage your page.

Don’t assume that your business doesn’t have a page just because you didn’t put it there. Always search for your business first. You will be surprised at how often the LBS or a customer has already created a page for a venue.

You can’t add a Yelp venue from the smartphone app, so follow these steps on your computer to set up your venue:

  1. Go toYelp.

  2. Search for your company’s name in the search box.

  3. Click the Add A Business button at the bottom of your screen.

  4. Fill in the information about your venue.

    You provide the following information:

    • Country

    • Business name

    • Venue street address

    • City, state, and zip code

    • Venue phone number

    • website address

    • Categories

      In Categories, you can drill down to as many as three levels depending on the category you choose. If you can’t find the right category, choose one that is the closest.

    You can check a box that denotes that “This business recently opened or is opening soon” if your business is new. This lets Yelp users know that you didn’t just add an existing older venue.

    At this point, you’re asked to review the location and/or rate it. This may be common sense, but we’d still like to point out that it isn’t a good idea to review or rate your own business, as much as you’d like to get things off on the right foot. Consider asking one of your good customers or a friend of your business to do this instead.

  5. Click the Add Business button.

    While you can always go back and edit your information, remember to double-check that all of your information is correct before you submit it.