Create Your Venue on Gowalla - dummies

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

If you are venturing into location-based marketing, but your business doesn’t have a page set up yet on your location-based service (LBS) of choice, you can set it up yourself. This process varies from service to service and must be done on each service individually. After your venue is set up, you must then claim it to be able to manage your page.

Whether you have one or multiple venues, you can go ahead and follow the steps here. However, if you work with more than ten venues, the rules for claiming your venue will vary depending on the LBS you’re using.

Don’t assume that your business doesn’t have a page just because you didn’t put it there. Always search for your business first. You will be surprised at how often the LBS or a customer has already created a page for a venue.

If your search for your venue was unsuccessful on Gowalla, you can create a venue — or spot, to use Gowalla’s terminology — only by using a smartphone or tablet. So go to the Gowalla app on your smartphone or tablet and follow these steps:

  1. Search for your company’s name in search box.

  2. Tap the + button in the top-right corner of your screen.

  3. Enter the name of your spot (venue).

  4. Tap Next Step and enter a description of your spot.

  5. Choose a category.

    These include choices like “Architecture & Buildings,” “Event,” “Food,” and “Travel & Lodging,” among several others.

    If you can’t determine a category that you fit into, select the one that most closest fits your needs and expand on who you are in your description (touch Back to go back to that step).

  6. If the location of your venue looks correct on the map, go to step 7. If your venue is in the wrong place, reposition its location by dragging and dropping the pin on the screen.

  7. Tap Create Spot.

    Your venue is now complete.

    A venue on Gowalla.
    A venue on Gowalla.