How to Create a Lead Capture Task in Salesforce Marketing Cloud - dummies

How to Create a Lead Capture Task in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By Chester Bullock, Mark Pollard

The lowest-level edition of Advertising Studio is the Lead Capture edition, which is the one that comes automatically with your Marketing Cloud account. To access Lead Capture, you select Lead Capture from the Advertising Studio category on the app switcher.

Lead Capture Marketing Cloud
Lead Capture appears in the Advertising Studio category even if you haven’t paid to license anything related to Advertising Studio.

You use Lead Capture with the lead capture forms in Facebook specifically. When you open the Lead Capture app, you create lead capture tasks and specify a corresponding Facebook lead capture form that you want to use to capture data into a data extension in your Marketing Cloud account.

The result of using Lead Capture is a data extension of contact information for Facebook users who are interested in your offer. The app does not currently provide any analytics.

You can also use Lead Capture to create Facebook lookalike audiences. Currently, Lead Capture can create lookalike audiences of Facebook users only.

Other social media platforms, such as Google and Twitter, let you generate lookalike audiences using their own proprietary tools.

When you open the Lead Capture app, an overview of your Facebook lead capture tasks appears. The overview lets you quickly see the status of each lead capture task in your account. From this overview, you can also create a new lead capture task.

Lead Capture dashboard
The Lead Capture dashboard offers a quick summary of your lead capture tasks.

Before you can create the lead capture task, though, you need to create the lead capture form in Facebook that will generate the user information.

Facebook lead capture forms

You use a Facebook lead capture form to let Facebook users tell you they want to receive information from you. Usually you offer something, such as a discount or a newsletter, to entice users to sign up. Interested users go to the form and fill in their contact information so that you can send them whatever you offered.

Facebook lead capture
Fields on the Facebook lead capture form will eventually contribute subscriber data to your Marketing Cloud account.

The Facebook lead capture form depends on you also placing an ad on Facebook to make users aware of your offer and drive them to your form.

sample Facebook ad Marketing Cloud
Sample Facebook ad that would lead subscribers to the capture form.

Knowing that its users are likely to be accessing the site via a smartphone, Facebook designed the forms to work well on mobile devices and require as little typing as possible. The form fields automatically prepopulate with whatever information the user has provided to Facebook in the past. Fewer empty fields are faster and easier for Facebook users, which makes it that much more likely that the user will complete your form.

Check out the instructions on how to create a lead capture form.

Creating a lead capture task

After you set up your Facebook lead capture form (including the Facebook ad to drive users to the form), you can create the lead capture task.

With the most recent edition of Marketing Cloud, you cannot delete a lead capture task from Advertising Studio once you set one up. You can stop capturing leads through it by discontinuing the lead capture form on Facebook.

Use the following steps to create a lead capture task in Advertising Studio:

  1. From the app switcher, select Lead Capture from the Advertising Studio category.
  2. Click the Create Lead Capture Task button that appears near the top right of the screen.
    The Create a New Lead Capture Task Wizard appears on the first step: Select Facebook Page.
  3. Log in to the Facebook account that contains the lead capture form that you want to use.
    You might need to grant the app permission to access information in your Facebook account as part of this step.
  4. Select the correct Facebook page, and then click View Lead Forms.
    The wizard moves to the Choose Lead Forms step.
  5. Select the lead form you want to use, and then click Confirm Selection & Continue.
    The wizard moves to the Define Data Extensions step.
  6. Review the configuration of the data extension to contain the lead information, click OK, and then click Continue.
    The Define Data Extensions step in the wizard defaults to naming the data extension with the same name as the lead capture form. The data extension contains a field to correspond to each field in your lead capture form.
  7. Review the alert telling you that the system will create the data extension, and then click Submit Lead Capture Task.

When Facebook users complete the lead capture form, Advertising Studio pulls the data into the data extension. Use the information in the data extension to deliver on the offer you made in your ad. Then you can also add the contact information that you gathered to your other marketing efforts.