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Converge Text, QR Codes, Small URLs with 44Doors

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

44Doors has taken a unique blend of technologies resulting in a creative twist on location-based engagement that integrates short URLs, QR codes (a QR code is a type of bar code that smartphone apps can read), mobile landing pages, and analytics. As the first enterprise-level short URL service, 44Doors was early to recognize the needs of the enterprise for social media measurement.

A short URL service converts a normal, long URL (link to a web page) to a smaller URL that redirects to the original. This technology makes it easier to put long URLs with a lot of embedded variables and content into a post or printed marketing materials. For example, a short URL service called bitly converts this:

into this:

When QR codes came into the mainstream, 44Doors integrated its short URL service, allowing QR codes to be easily redirected to mobile-optimized experiences once they appear in print or online. Because the QR codes are encoded with short URLs, they render faster and are easier for scanners to read.

44Doors extended the solution further to include landing-page technology optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Instead of the typical QR code pointing to a nonoptimized website, Capture provides device-friendly landing pages that are easily updated to provide real-time, location-aware content. Capture includes GPS-based location information, allowing insight into zip code–level conversion analysis.

44Doors leverages SMS and short URLs in addition to QR codes to interact with the landing pages. Their focus on varying technologies as “doors” to their location-aware platform reveals a future path of expanding technologies that will likely grow to include new methods of interaction and location-savvy control of content.

It will be interesting to see how companies begin to customize campaigns based on metadata such as time of day, network, device, and location. Companies like 44Doors that are investing in the intersection of time, network, device, and location and including analysis engines to determine faster paths to conversion will give marketers a true edge in location-based campaigns.