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Types of Data Needed for Content Marketing Persona Development

By Stephanie Diamond

What types of data should you mine to gather information for your buying personas? The list goes well beyond the usual prescription to conduct one-on-one interviews. If you take the time to collect different types of data (see the table), you gain the added insight you need to serve your customers.

Data for Persona Development
Data Type Examples Suggested Places to Find It
Demographic/ socioeconomic Age, gender, education, income, standing in the community Customer surveys, government data, Quantcast, comScore,
Nielsen, Experian Simmons
Psychographic Habits, values, hobbies One-on-one interviews, social media platforms, customer
surveys, buying patterns, forums, blog comments, Google
Trend information Popular culture TrendSpottr, Trend Hunter, BuzzSumo, Magazines, Online news
sites, TV shows, Google trends, Customer surveys
Questions/pain points Questions customers are asking/jargon they are using Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stack Exchange, Wiki answers, blog
comments, Internal customer support, Google Analytics, customer
events, conferences, sales team and other internal departments
Social media content Twitter, Facebook, others Social Mention, Google Alerts, TweetReach, IceRocket
Internal customer records Buying patterns, product usage Internal company reports, CRM systems
Search Keywords Google Analytics, Google Autocomplete, Ubersuggest
Gated content Lead generators Top-ten lists, tool lists, e-books, PDFs