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Consider Marketing with Web Radio

By Alexander Hiam

Web radio is audio programming delivered over the web on a regular daily schedule, and you can use it in any marketing campaign. It’s very much like traditional radio except that traditional radio is delivered over the airwaves. Listeners like web radio because it gives them more control and selection than traditional radio.

This is good for advertisers because it means that audiences sort themselves out according to tastes and interests, allowing advertisers to target very well-defined groups of listeners — which makes reaching these groups quite economical. Also, web radio is inexpensive to produce (no costly radio transmitters here); low production costs translate into low ad rates.

Web radio is an increasingly good advertising option, reaching hundreds of millions of people each week. Visit web radio leaders such as Slacker, Live365, iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora to identify web radio stations that may match your customer base. These sites catalog thousands of web radio programs from the United States and elsewhere.

Other companies act as brokers for radio ad buyers. TargetSpot makes it easy to place your own ads on appropriate web radio stations. Web radio ads can take the form of streaming audio or can be in the form of web page ads and banners, giving you multiple options. For instance, Spotify currently has seven different ad formats to choose from.

To get the most for your money, try combining traditional and web radio advertising. You can easily reach a larger audience this way than through print or TV advertising.