How to Configure Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account for Mobile - dummies

How to Configure Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account for Mobile

By Chester Bullock, Mark Pollard

If you are using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can purchase the mobile apps — MobilePush, MobileConnect, and GroupConnect — individually or together. Even if you purchase two or three of the apps together, you must configure each app individually. For MobileConnect you must also purchase additional support time from Salesforce to set up the app. Talk to your Salesforce account executive for details.

That said, some tasks could help you prepare for mobile messaging in general.

Setting up your data for use with mobile

If you’re accustomed to email marketing, you need to make some changes to your data mindset as you get ready for mobile.

Lists and data extensions

The same lists and data extensions that you use to send email messages also work for sending outbound SMS/MMS messages. The only difference is that for SMS/MMS messages, you need a mobile phone number instead of an email address to send your messages.

If you’re using subscriber lists, you need to create a subscriber attribute to contain the mobile phone number. If you’re using data extensions, you need to create a field for the phone number.

MobileConnect requires the use of lists rather than data extensions for sending. If you’ve stored your mobile records in data extensions, you must import them into a mobile list for sending.

You will also need to begin capturing your subscribers’ mobile phone numbers. You can just publicize your short code and wait for subscribers to contact you, but you don’t have to be limited to that approach.

Mobile campaigns

The campaign tool that you use for email marketing works also for your mobile campaigns. The main difference between email and mobile campaigns is their design more than the technology to manage them.

One big differentiating factor between email campaigns and mobile campaigns is immediacy. Because a large portion of the population has a mobile device within arm’s reach at any time and tends to react quickly to incoming texts, the chances of your mobile message being seen right away are far greater than when your email lands in the subscriber’s inbox.