Combining Marketing E-Mails with Social Media - dummies

Combining Marketing E-Mails with Social Media

By John Arnold

Part of E-Mail Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

E-mail marketing tools and strategies are always adapting to new technologies and changes in consumer behavior. Social media is no different — think of social sharing as the new forwarding. Here are a few ways you can integrate your e-mail marketing with your social media efforts:

  • Use your E-Mail Marketing Provider (EMP) to post your e-mails to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Place Share links in your e-mail content.

  • Include your latest tweets and Facebook wall posts in your e-mails.

  • Invite e-mail list subscribers to follow you on social sites.

  • Archive your e-mails on your Web site and share the links to your archive.

  • Post portions of your e-mail content to your Facebook business Page.

  • Put links to your YouTube videos in your e-mails.

  • Link the images in your e-mails to more images stored in Picasa or Flickr.

  • Put links to social coupons and social events in your e-mails.