How to Choose the Right Traffic Platform for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

By Ryan Deiss, Russ Henneberry

You have many traffic stores to choose from for your digital marketing campaign, and each one has its strengths. In summary, here are the scenarios in which to consider using one or more of the Big Six:

  • Facebook: This platform can work in almost any market, unless the market isn’t approved by the Facebook TOS (terms of service), such as the vaping industry (visit Facebook’s advertising policies for more details on its TOS). With Facebook, you want to utilize a process known as retargeting.
  • Twitter: Advertise on Twitter when you want to target a younger market or one that is highly tech savvy. Twitter is a large platform with a lot of users, so it can work in almost any market.
  • Google: Use Google if you have a proven offer that has performed well on other traffic sources, or an offer that is difficult to target in terms of prospects’ interests or demographics and thus requires keyword targeting. With Google, you want to engage in retargeting.
  • YouTube: This traffic store can work in almost any market, especially if you have an offer that requires demonstration or keyword targeting. Again, with this platform, you want to engage in retargeting.
  • Pinterest: Think about using promoted pins when you’re selling physical products, particularly to women, or if you’re creating content with lots of original or curated images.
  • LinkedIn: Go to LinkedIn when you’re selling high-dollar B2B products or services. Consider also advertising on this platform when you’re promoting a webinar to a B2B audience or want to reach people by their job title.