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Choose a Third-Party Location-based Marketing Dashboard

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

While each location-based service (LBS) offers a dashboard as part of their service, each is different. They don’t aggregate data from other LBSs and there isn’t much you can do to change what the dashboards look like or the how the information is displayed.

If you find those dashboards inadequate, you can look at your data using one of the several third-party data aggregators. These third-party services can be particularly helpful if you’re using more than one LBS — and even more useful if your business has multiple venues and or offers.

These services provide richer graphs, charts, and heat maps to help paint a clearer picture of your location-based marketing activity. These third-party providers will also likely be better at integrating into customer relationship management databases like

Geotoko offers LBS analytics and campaign management

Geotoko offers enhanced features like heat maps that show check-in density on a map. You can also use services like Geotoko to manage offers by type, time, venue, and service — all from the dashboard.

Geotoko heat map functionality.
Geotoko heat map functionality.

Venuelabs is an LBS dashboard for multi-venue companies

Venuelabs (formerly, Valuevine) helps retailers, franchises, and restaurant chains measure their location-based marketing efforts. In 2011, they launched a new platform that provided a deeper dive into location-based analytics. This new product provides companies with multiple venues greater insights into customer experience, trends, and overall business health.

What’s interesting about Venuelabs is that it attempts to measure sentiment as well. The Venuelabs dashboard shows Top, Bottom, and Most Changed sentiment. While this will be an important category over time, most providers don’t measure it perfectly.

The dashboard from Venuelabs (formerly Valuevine) measures sentiment across venues and platforms.
The dashboard from Venuelabs (formerly Valuevine) measures sentiment across venues and platforms.

MomentFeed can track activity across 14 LBSs

Created to help businesses with multiple venues monitor and measure their location-based marketing activity across multiple providers, MomentFeed is one of the first companies to offer these types of services. MomentFeed tracks activity across 14 different location-based services.

MomentFeed has a little bit simpler interface than both Geotoko and Venuelabs, but it allows you to monitor and measure more services and has powerful multivenue charting capabilities. MomentFeed also allows multiple users to manage one account, which is useful for multivenue businesses.

You can integrate multiple location-based services into one view with MomentFeed.
You can integrate multiple location-based services into one view with MomentFeed.

GoodEatsFor.Me measures LBS activity for hospitality industry

GoodEatsFor.Me is a bit of a hybrid tool that is both a location-based measurement platform and a campaign management tool. As the name suggests, it focuses on the restaurant and hospitality industries. The platform provides these three different sets of functionality:

  • Reputation management: Allows you to track your customers’ conversations across multiple social channels including Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, Gowalla, and Foodspotting.

  • Customer analytics: Permits tracking down to the customer and establishment levels across Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, or any other social network.

  • Real-time promotions and loyalty tools: Facilitates targeted promotions to existing customers based on historical and self-inferred preference across social media channels.

    For instance, if you know you have excess burgers in inventory, you can offer a 25 percent discount on burgers to anyone who has previously checked in on a Tuesday evening and purchased a burger. With a few clicks, a promotion can be targeted to individuals who show an affinity for a certain type of food or drinks — across Facebook, Twitter, or foursquare — based on their previous activity.

The dashboard demonstrates the richness of qualitative and quantitative data that companies can access when using GoodEatsFor.Me.

Dashboard from restaurant and entrainment tool GoodEatsFor.Me.
Dashboard from restaurant and entrainment tool GoodEatsFor.Me.