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How to Use a Recruitment Marketing System for Your Employer Branding Strategy

By Richard Mosley

In many ways, effective recruitment marketing for your employer brand is like trying to hit a moving target; the needs and preferences of the talent you target tend to change in response to changes in the economy, the popularity of certain social channels and media types, and shifts in interests and values. To improve your chances of connecting with and engaging the right people, put a recruitment marketing system in place that’s designed to adapt to changes. Here’s the six-step cycle:

  1. Evaluate your audience.

    Identify and profile your target audience so you understand what channels they use, what their motivations are, and so on.

  2. Select media channels.

    Determine the best channels to reach your target audience based on the results of your profiling efforts.

  3. Develop campaigns.

    Craft campaigns that speak directly to the needs and motivations of your target audience.

  4. Launch your campaigns.

    Test across different media channels to gauge return on investment (ROI) initially, and then increase investment after you’ve determined which channels yield the best results.

  5. Measure ROI.

    Be sure you’re tracking and measuring impact across all your channels. Whether your investment is time or money (or both), understanding which channels pay the greatest dividends for each target audience helps you invest wisely.

  6. Fine-tune your campaign.

    Make adjustments and then head back to Step 1 and run through the process again. Monitoring results and fine-tuning your approach enables you to optimize results.