How to Revitalize Your Business's Brand - dummies

How to Revitalize Your Business’s Brand

You can start the revitalization process for your business’s brand after determining which brand assets you should keep through the revitalization and which brand assets are dispensable. Then, it’s time to revitalize your brand.

  1. Determine how you’ll refresh, revise, or rebuild your brand promise.

    In essence, your brand is the promise you make to consumers. The degree to which you alter your promise in large part dictates the degree to which you alter your brand.

  2. Determine whether you need to alter your name, either slightly or drastically.

    Does your name need to change to fit your business, your market, and your sales channels?

  3. Decide whether you need to redesign your logo.

    Involve an experienced professional in the actual redesign. As part of the redesign process, also rewrite your graphic guidelines and your brand management policies.

  4. Refine your brand experience.

    Make every encounter with your revitalized brand reinforce the message and promise you make and the image you want to etch in the consumer’s mind.

  5. Relaunch your brand, starting within your organization.

    Don’t leapfrog over this step. If you fail to gain understanding and buy-in from your internal team, nothing you do externally can save your brand from the ramifications.

  6. When your revitalized brand is known, accepted, and adopted internally (and not a moment before), take your brand public.

    Begin with a publicity generation effort that shares the story of why you’re making the change, how you’re building on your brand’s heritage while simultaneously embracing your brand’s future, and how your new identity and brand strategy focus on a clear, strong, powerful vision.

  7. Launch advertising and promotions to amplify your brand’s revitalized message.

    Invest the time and dollars necessary to build and protect your revitalized brand’s value.