How to Package Your Business Product to Convey Your Brand

How you package the product that your business offers can help you convey your brand. When designing a product package around your brand, remember that a package is a combination of form and function:

  • Form: Involves design and shape, and a look that captures consumer attention and conveys and reinforces your brand image and promise.

  • Function: Involves usability. In addition to looking good on a shelf, your packaging has to work. It has to be easy to pick up, read, study, use, and carry away.

Even if you don’t have a consumer product, you still package your offering, perhaps in a shopping bag, a folder or envelope containing a cost estimate or proposal, or a take-home bag for diners to carry home leftovers.

Regardless of the form your packaging takes, make sure that it accurately reflects the promise and tone of your brand and that it makes an appropriately strong and consistent impression for your business.