How to Establish Your Business's Brand in the Community - dummies

How to Establish Your Business’s Brand in the Community

Create visibility and understanding for your business’s brand in your community, especially if your market is local or you want to establish your business brand as a force in your own backyard. Gain community awareness of your brand:

  1. Introduce your brand through regional news stories.

    Target the appropriate forms of local media and then provide the media with news stories related to your brand (but be sure they’re real news stories, not just a sales pitch!).

  2. Gain awareness among community leaders, business and government leaders, and key customers by previewing your brand at a brand launch event.

    Consider timing your brand launch to coincide with a major conference or trade show where industry leaders, media representatives, and customers are gathered looking for news stories. Or, if you serve a local market, time your launch to coincide with an annual economic development conference, regional business fair, or some other event that brings regional leaders and media together in one place.

  3. Use the brand launch as the beginning of an ongoing effort.

    You want to establish your name, message, and brand promise in the minds of community residents and leaders by joining groups, participating in charitable efforts, and contributing time, products, services, or funds to support projects that benefit your home market region.