"Big 5 Metrics" for Account-Based Marketing - dummies

“Big 5 Metrics” for Account-Based Marketing

By Sangram Vajre

Jon Miller (@jonmiller) is the CEO and founder of Engagio, an all-in-one account-based marketing platform that works to engage accounts and deepen the alignment between sales and marketing. As a co-founder and former CMO of Marketo, Jon has seen how the B2B industry requires a new, different mindset for how marketing and sales claim victory in ABM. Jon advocates that marketers embrace the “Big 5 Metrics” for account-based marketing:

  • Coverage: Do you have sufficient data, contacts, and account plans for each target account?
  • Awareness: Are the target accounts aware of your company and its solutions?
  • Engagement: Are the right people at the account spending time with your company, and is that engagement going up over time?
  • Program Impact: Are marketing programs reaching the target account, and are they having a long-term effect?
  • Influence: Are the ABM activities improving sales outcomes, such as deal velocity, win rates, average contract values, and retention?

With ABM, marketing has a direct influence on the sales pipeline. Using these metrics, marketers can show how they influenced deals, created velocity to close new business, and helped the sales team win.