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Apply Your Creativity to Marketing

By Alexander Hiam

Advertising — whether on the web, in print, TV, radio, outdoors, at the point of purchase, or elsewhere — is a key area of application for creativity. If you work in the advertising industry or use advertising in your marketing, you’re dependent on creativity for your success.

Too many other ads compete for their attention. Only the most creative ones cut through the clutter, attract attention, and make a permanent mark on consumer attitudes.

Think of the role of creativity in advertising as a vehicle for building relationships between your brand and your prospects. This is a particularly powerful way to think about advertising’s role in marketing — and you can make this role possible with the addition of creativity to your web communications and ads.

Marketers use creativity to add something special and unique that accentuates a brand’s differences and helps it stand out in consumers’ eyes.

To apply creativity to your business, identify your best sources of creative ideas and give some thought to the constraints you’ll bump into when applying creative ideas (such as budget limitations). Applied creativity has a purpose — to boost sales and profits and to help your marketing program succeed.

The more sources you can work with, the better because you’ll get a lot of creative ideas. Then you need to check those ideas against a list of your major constraints. Do they fit your brand and marketing message? Are they unique? Or has some competitor used them recently?

You get the idea, so grab a chart pad and make a table like the one in this figure to help you identify your own list of sources and constraints.

Identifying your creativity sources and constraints.
Identifying your creativity sources and constraints.