How to Analyze Content Performance in Salesforce Marketing Cloud - dummies

How to Analyze Content Performance in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By Chester Bullock, Mark Pollard

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers you a wealth of analytics to see how your content performs. CloudPages keeps track of metrics that you can use to evaluate the success of the content you’ve published.

The content must be currently published or have been published in the past for analytics about it to be available.

For each piece of content that you publish, CloudPages keeps track of the following activity:

  • How many people view the content
  • How many people click a link in the content
  • How many people complete and submit a SmartCapture form

This data is available on the Activity tab for the piece of content. Use the following steps to open the Activity tab:

  1. From the CloudPages Overview screen, click Edit (pencil icon) on the card for the collection you want.
    A list of items in the collection appears.
  2. Click Page Properties (bullet list icon) on the card for the content you want.
    The content appears on the right in the Content tab, which is open by default.
  3. Click the Activity tab to view the metrics for the content.
    You can change the time period that the graphs represent by using the Today, Last 7 Days, and Last 30 Days buttons.

This image shows the activity for a landing page.

Activity tab Marketing Cloud
The Activity tab shows general metrics for a piece of content.

The very highest performing piece of content in each channel (web, social, and mobile) appears in the Stats section of the Overview screen.

Reports are available also in the Reporting feature.