A Marketing E-Mail Checklist - dummies

By John Arnold

Part of E-Mail Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’ve done a lot of work making sure your e-mails are exactly what your customers want. But before you click the Send button and transmit your message to the world, check off each item on this list that applies to you to ensure that your e-mail has the impact you want it to:

  • I have explicit permission to send the e-mail.

  • I pinpointed the main objective.

  • My From line clearly identifies my business.

  • My Subject line prompts my audience to open my e-mail.

  • I’m sending my e-mail from an e-mail address that my audience will recognize.

  • My e-mail content is easy to scan.

  • My headlines are short, clear, and concise.

  • My paragraphs are short summaries of larger bodies of information.

  • My e-mail contains a strong call to action.

  • My images help to tell the story of my e-mail.

  • My e-mail has white space that makes the text easy to read.

  • My e-mail content is valuable enough to save or share.

  • My e-mail contains an offer that is valuable to my audience.

  • I checked all links to make sure they work properly.

  • I’m prepared to handle inbound responses.

  • I’m sending at a time when my audience is likely to notice.