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11 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Impact

By Alexander Hiam

You can improve a marketing program and increase your business’s sales and profits in an infinite number of ways. Following are just some of the ideas you may be able to put to use; keep searching for more ideas and implement as many good ones as you can.

  • Talk to some of your best customers. Do they have any good ideas for you? (Ignore the ideas that are overly expensive, however. You can’t count on even a good customer to worry about your bottom line.)

  • Thank customers for their business. A friendly “thank you” and a smile, a card or note, or a polite cover letter stuffed into the invoice envelope — all are ways to tell customers that you appreciate their business. People tend to go where they’re appreciated.

  • Change your marketing territory. Are you spread too thin to be visible and effective? If so, narrow your focus to your core region or customer type. But if you have expansion potential, try broadening your reach bit by bit to grow your territory.

  • Get more referrals. Spend time talking to and helping out folks who can send customers your way. And make sure you thank anyone who sends you a lead. Positive reinforcement increases the behavior.

  • Make your marketing more attractive (professional, creative, polished, clear, well written, and well produced). You can often increase the effectiveness of your marketing programs by upgrading the look and feel of all your marketing communications and other components. (Did you know that the best-dressed consultants get paid two to five times as much as the average in their fields?)

  • Smile to attract and retain business. Make sure your people have a positive, caring attitude about customers. If they don’t, their negativity is certainly losing you business. Don’t let people work against your marketing program.

    Spend time making sure they understand that they can control the success of the program, and help them through training and good management so they can take a positive, helpful, and productive approach to all customer interactions.

  • Offer a memorable experience for your customer or client. Make sure doing business with you is a pleasant experience. Also, plan to do something that makes it memorable (in a good way, please!).

  • Know what you want to be best at and invest in being the best. Who needs you if you’re ordinary or average? Success comes from being clearly, enticingly better at something than any other company or product. Even if it’s only a small thing that makes you special, know what it is and make sure you keep polishing that brilliance. It’s why you deserve the sale.

  • Try to cross-sell additional products (or related services) to your customer base. Increasing the average size of a purchase or order is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your marketing program. But keep the cross-sell soft and natural. Don’t sell junk that isn’t clearly within your focus or to your customer’s benefit.

  • Take advantage of the increasingly local options for advertising on the web. Don’t think of the web as worldwide. Google ads can be tailored to customers in your region who are looking for services or products like yours. Now, that’s incredibly local, and often an inexpensive way to get leads. There are lots of ways to localize your reach on the web, so investigate them.

  • Debrief customers who complain or who desert you. Why are they unhappy? Can you do something simple to retain them? (But ignore the customers who don’t match your target customer profile, because you can’t be all things to all people.)

Every time you put your marketing hat on, seek to make at least a small improvement in how marketing is done in your organization and for your customers.