Tips for Building Balanced Scorecard Dashboards - dummies

Tips for Building Balanced Scorecard Dashboards

By Charles Hannabarger, Frederick Buchman, Peter Economy

Part of Balanced Scorecard Strategy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A key component of the balanced scorecard strategy is building dashboards to quickly reveal analysis results. Here are some tips for making dashboards that work for your business without wasting time or resources:

  • Keep your dashboards to one page and one page only!

  • Focus on the data and information and resist the temptation to put in a lot of useless color, glitz, and fancy presentation graphics.

  • Make sure your dashboard information jumps out at you and doesn’t require a lot of scrutiny and analysis to understand what it’s telling you.

  • Be careful in selecting any dashboard software solutions, making sure that the software and its provider fit your needs, not only for today, but for many years to come.