How to Keep Your Franchise Staff Happy - dummies

How to Keep Your Franchise Staff Happy

By Michael Seid, Dave Thomas

Part of Franchise Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet

After you’ve taken the time to gather and train your employees, you need to figure out how to hold onto them. The success of your franchise depends on keeping good employees. Use these tricks of the trade to keep your staff happy:

  • Be on time for interviews with them and let them know how much you value their time.

  • Select people who you like and will fit in with your other employees.

  • Start off with honesty (and maintain it, of course). When you promise an employee a raise, a day off, or a special shift, keep your word.

  • Treat your staff with respect. They not only your employees, they’re also your ambassadors to your customers.

  • Make sure your instructions are clear and consistent. Not even your mother could read your mind.

  • Don’t take the pressure of the day out on your staff.

  • Don’t ask your staff to do personal favors for you such as babysitting your children — that’s not what you hired them to do.

  • Don’t gossip with your staff about anything personal, and don’t allow them to gossip about anyone else.

  • Be as generous as you can afford with a menu of benefits that your staff can use — tuition assistance, time off for studying during midterms and finals, tickets to a baseball game or concert, a performance bonus for doing something special, or anything else that suits your fancy.

  • Say thank you — it costs you nothing.

  • Pay them on time and what the market requires (and then a tad more).

  • Extend their employee discount to their families.