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How to Get Your Business Involved in Videoconferencing

By Sue Fox

Videoconferencing at many businesses today comes as affordable Web and videoconferencing software for Internet meetings. Some businesses still use old-style videoconferencing, but the Web is taking over the videoconferencing world.

The following companies offer products that make Web or videoconferencing simple to use:

When you’re scheduled for a videoconference, begin your preparation for it well in advance. Train those who are unfamiliar with the format by staging mock meetings and videotaping them. Show everyone the tapes and make suggestions, if necessary. Have an agreed-upon agenda for the meeting in place, if you can.

During the actual meeting, take care to sit properly, listen attentively, speak clearly, and be patient. Be aware that some long-distance audio can introduce slight delays in the conversation (although the technology has improved greatly), so compensate for those delays.

Some people appear to think that because they aren’t in the same physical space as their videoconferencing colleagues, they’re free to do things that they would never dream of doing were they in the same room. Don’t fall for this mistake! Your videoconferencing setup may not allow you to view everyone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see all the people on your end, and it doesn’t mean that a camera won’t find you just as you’re counting holes in the ceiling tiles. It’s best to always be aware of your body language and facial expressions during a videoconference.