8 Ways to Recognize Core Values in Employees - dummies

8 Ways to Recognize Core Values in Employees

By Bob Nelson

Part of Recognizing and Engaging Employees For Dummies Cheat Sheet

One key element of successful workplace recognition is tying your recognition to your company’s core values, mission, and vision. To create the workplace culture you want to obtain, you should systematically recognize the specific values that are core to your organization. You can see examples of how to recognize and reinforce some of the most common organizational values in the table that follows.

Sample Core Value Potential Recognition Activity to Deploy
Service Recognize employees who provide exceptional service to
customers (or internal service to other employees)
Quality Recognize attaining or exceeding quality standards
Execution Recognize process improvements and improved efficiencies
Innovation Recognize creativity and problem solving
Teamwork Recognize employees helping one another
Learning Recognize development of new skills, exploring new capacities,
and learning from mistakes
Inclusion Recognize obtaining input from diverse sources when making
Safety Recognize safe work practices and the reduction of safety
incidents, errors, and injuries