What to Ask in an Employee Exit Interview - dummies

What to Ask in an Employee Exit Interview

By Bob Kelleher

Exit interviews can help employers gauge how engaged their workforce is with their organization. Especially if your company is experiencing high turnover, exit interviews can help determine why. Here are some examples of exit-interview questions:

  • Would you describe your work as rewarding/challenging/interesting?

  • Were goals and expectations clearly communicated?

  • Did you understand how your job was connected to the organization’s overall strategy?

  • Did you understand how to operate successfully within the organization’s structure?

  • Did you understand how to complete your work assignments successfully?

  • Was your work–life balance satisfactory?

  • Did you have the materials and equipment needed to perform your job?

  • Did your work team or colleagues create a positive environment?

  • Did your co-workers treat you in a positive manner?

  • Did you receive sufficient communication and information to successfully perform your job?

  • Do you feel the organization demonstrates high integrity?

  • Did your manager set realistic performance expectations?

  • Did your manager lead your team in a positive direction?

  • Was your manager willing to share relevant communications with you?

  • Did your manager help find solutions to problems?

  • Did your manager encourage and manage innovation?

  • Did your manager demonstrate respect for you as an individual?

  • Did your manager clearly articulate organization goals?

  • Did your manager recognize your contributions/accomplishments?

  • Did you receive timely and accurate performance feedback about your work progress?

  • Did your manager demonstrate integrity and honesty?

  • Did your manager adapt to changing circumstances?

  • Did your manager encourage respect, teamwork, and communication?

  • If you returned to the company, would you want to work for the same manager?

  • Are you aware of any compliance issues with federal or state contracts that were not appropriately addressed by either your manager or others within the company? If so, please describe.

  • Were you provided the necessary development to perform your job?

  • Was there someone at work who encouraged your growth and development?

  • Were you provided development opportunities to enhance your performance?

  • Were advancement opportunities available to you?

  • If your reason for leaving was a new job, what does this job offer that your position at this company did not? What is the name of the new company?

  • What did you like best about working at this company?

  • What did you like least about working at this company?

  • What would make you interested in returning to work at this company?