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Facilitate More Than You Deliver as a Trainer

By Elaine Biech

There are few times when straight delivery or lecture is required. Perhaps when rules or laws must be imparted word for word, when safety is an issue, or when your learners have no knowledge of the subject. But for the most part facilitating experiential activities and discussions lead to the same end, enhancing learning for everyone.

  • Create discussion. Not just between you and the learners, but among the learners. Encourage the use of chat and breakout rooms in a virtual setting.

  • Get opinions and ideas out in the open before you deliver your message. You may be surprised at how much “training” the learners can do for you. A virtual classroom can be an advantage here because polls are usually anonymous.

  • Share personal experiences and stories to build rapport and trust.

  • Provide opportunities for participants to evaluate their own learning throughout the session. A self-scoring quiz, perhaps or online a multiple choice or true/false quiz in a poll where all responses are combined.

  • Create experiential learning activities in which the learners discover the learning on their own.