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Connect with Potential Employees on Twitter

By Bob Kelleher

Not surprisingly, Twitter has become a popular site for employers looking for new engaged employees, as well as to communicate other unique aspects of their companies, not to mention find prospective recruits. It is the world’s fastest-growing social media site, with close to 600 million users and 11 accounts added every second.

Here are just a few reasons to use Twitter for hiring:

  • Twitter enables you to directly connect with current and potential employees.

  • If you follow the right people and organizations, Twitter is a great source of business information, 24 hours a day.

  • With Twitter, you can broadcast important company or industry messages and share links to press releases, blogs, or news.

  • Twitter enables you to post pictures and videos about your firm, exponentially increasing your ability to convey your company’s employee value proposition (EVP) — that is, who you are and why people should work for you.

  • With Twitter, you can confidentially connect with potential employees, and they with you (via direct messages).

  • Twitter enables you to recruit globally … for free.

  • Using Twitter, you can build relationships with passive job candidates.

  • People with whom you establish relationships on Twitter will remember your brand, may help you share your message (through retweets), and may even recommend you to potential candidates.

  • Loyal followers may go beyond Twitter, spreading information about your brand and your job openings outside the Twitterverse.

  • Twitter will almost certainly continue to grow. The sooner you discover its advantages, the better able you’ll be to use it as part of your portfolio of recruitment tools and branding efforts!