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Establish Content Segments for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By Consumer Dummies

Your blog should not be reinventing itself from week to week and month to month. You and your audience can derive more value from your blog if you create a predictable structure to the types of content you publish. To offer a predictable structure, you create content segments. A content segment is a blog post format that repeats on a set schedule and follows a similar style and template.

You’re likely already familiar with content segments whether you’re aware of it or not. The radio, television, and print mediums have used segments for decades. For example, the Letters to the Editor segment is a staple of the newspaper industry that appears day after day. Buzzfeed, an online social news and entertainment website, runs a daily post called “Here’s What People Are Buying on Amazon Right Now.”

The image below shows Moz, a company that creates SEO software and resources for digital marketers, featuring a weekly video blog post called Whiteboard Friday.

Moz segmented content
An excerpt of a segmented post from Moz.

Many post types are adaptable as segments. For example, you can run the link roundup post every week or month on your blog. Simply curate and compile a list of links that your audience would find interesting and publish it along with a description of what people can expect if they visit that link.

Segments are great pieces to have on your calendar for a variety of reasons. One is that you can offer outside writers consistent exposure on your blog. Another reason is that they’re easily repeatable and quickly consumable because the format is always the same. Your audience will recognize them and grow to expect them as you continue to publish them, providing people with consistent value.